My name is Rudolph Horvath and I'm a self-taught artist, creating artworks for Corporate and Individuals interiors & collections.

I strive to create art that evokes an emotion, not just decoration. Most of the influence for generating my art comes from film, music and popular culture.

The creative process for me unfolds in three stages :

First, I am taking photographs of various objects that are drawing my attention. It can be anything – from something that associates me on a movie or some musical number, to specific technical detail.

After that I carefully observe each one of the taken photos, until the theme of the artwork slowly appears or suddenly pop into my mind.

Then, I am starting to give entirely new expression to the selected photo by adding, developing and processing it in various computer programs, transforming it into something that feels to me cohesive and complete.

This procedure continues, until I am entirely satisfied with a composition of the piece. Some pieces are done in a two to four weeks, while others take months of refinement.

Feel free to take a look at my works, and if you find something that attracts you, indulge yourself with uplifting piece of Art.